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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Theft of diving suit reported

Part of a historic deep-sea diver's suit has been stolen by thieves who ram raided Lowestoft Maritime Museum last week.

Thieves are believed to have driven a motorbike through the reception doors at the museum between Saturday February 3 and Tuesday February 5 and hacked off the brass fittings of the old diving suit, which was displayed in a glass display cabinet.

Speaking to the Lowestoft Journal, Museum Curator Peter Parker said: “I came down to find they had got through the front door of the cottage; it looked like it had been ram-raided by a motorbike and the locks and deadlocks had been knocked out. It seems as though someone knew what was in the museum and they wanted it.”

Although the museum says the historical importance outweighs any monetary value, the items are believed to be worth in excess of £2,000.

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