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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Talking Heads

I've been contacted recently by a respected film company who would like "an expert" to talk about Irving Johnson. They were a little taken aback by the fact while I know a great deal about the Johnson's and their cruises (have read all the books, and processed all their manuscripts (don't tell anyone, but I read them all too) that I don't feel qualified in saying I'm an expert.

So - anyone out there want to volunteer?

Or- would anyone care to define what makes one an expert?


Sea-Fever Consulting LLC said...

How about son Robert Johnson or try Nancy Richardson at the Los Angeles Maritime Institute.

Expert = someone from out of town.

Sam said...

My thought is Renny Stackpole, now retired and former Director of the Penobscot Marine Museum when I was Curator there in the 90's. Renny's dad was the first Director/Curator at Mystic and Renny was raised both on his native Nantucket Island and at Mystic -- it may no be a stretch to think that he knew him personally.

Contact me be email or phone for Renny's contact info.


Sam Shogren
Former Curator, Penobscot Marine Museum and Former Director - Working Waterfront Museum
Now consultant in nonprofit and museum management - Portland Oregon