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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

South Street Pier Space Under Dispute

Home to the Peking Wavertree and
and other fine historic vessels, South Street Seaport is fighting for pier space to dock, maintain and promote it's collection.

Pier 15 is under the jurisdiction of the Economic Development Committee which has been redesigning the pier to accommodate more business and open space use as opposed to maximize it's waterfront use. (Full Story)

Seems short sighted and backwards. Here you have a draw to the natural history of a world famous port as well as a whole new way to open up the City and developers just want to make more of what already crowds the city blocks. As Frank Sciame of the Seaport Board says, "“Why wouldn’t the city want that pier to be authentic, historic, a benchmark that was the very history of South St.?” Why indeed?

Photo from New York Photo

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