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Friday, November 02, 2007

What to read next?

I stumbled upon the UC Berkeley Summer Reading Lists, and they contain some real gems. Especially worth checking out is the 2005 list, "Great discoveries, voyages, and adventures, which contains novels and nonfiction, classics and contemporary books. The other lists are peppered with maritime books as well, and the short reviews are well written and engaging--perhaps because the writers are trying to interest you in reading the book more than in buying the book! These lists are sent to freshmen every summer, suggested & described by various people on campus, including faculty, librarians, and even students.

If you're looking for a smaller list, or more general books, don't miss H-Maritime's resources list, which consists of just five books, two of which are reference books. This site, though, will also point you to other resources, that will definitely lengthen your personal reading list--organizations, journals, programs--and some great online resources.

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