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Friday, November 30, 2007

Lovely as hope

"And o’er them the lighthouse looked lovely as hope,—
That star of life’s tremulous ocean."
--Paul Moon James

Tomorrow it will be December. Here it's cold. (OK, we think it's cold--it's a "San Francisco" kind of know, when we Bay Area folks are wearing wool and thick gloves, but the tourists from places who have "real" winters are in shorts!) It's a time when we're hoping for rain--for storms that will soak and drench our parched hills--for weather made for lighthouses.

Does the weather also whisper "lighthouses" in your ear? The National Park Service's Maritime Heritage Program has posted a Lighthouse Reading List. There's history, guidebooks, east coast & west coast. It is very U.S.-centric, but does have a citation to the Gulf of Mexico (which is a frequently overlooked U.S. coast.)

Want to get more technical? Texts relating to history, preservation, and conservation are also available on the Maritime Heritage site's Lighthouse Heritage section.

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