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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holding History in Your Hand

I pulled the following off H-Maritime. It looks like a really interesting 'kit'.
One of those ones you wish they had when you were in school.

The Museum of Underwater Archaeology  (MUA) is pleased to announce that
"Holding History in Your Hand" classroom learning kits are now ready for
shipping world wide. Due to the generous contributions of materials we
can now offer these kits to classrooms to keep for future use free of
charge. We do require nominal shipping costs.* The kits include modern
artifacts similar to those found on many historic shipwreck sites and
supporting documents such as a lesson plan and artifact analysis guides,
videos to supplement class discussion, book marks, word searches and
more. Instructions for adapting the kit to various age groups from 10
to 18 years are included. For further information please see our
updated brochure at:

The MUA staff has conducted the "Holding History in Your Hand" exercise
for hundreds of school children with great success. We look forward to
sharing this activity which teaches students how underwater
archaeologists learn about our past through material culture.

Best regards,

T Kurt Knoerl
The Museum of Underwater Archaeology

MUA kits designed for 35 students can be shipped inside the United
States for $5.00. International shipments cost $10. Payment can be
made by Paypal email invoice, check, or money order. Please contact us
by email for shipping costs for groups larger than 35 students at

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