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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another Day, Another Maritime Museum

To gather information for potential posting to this blog, I monitor several news feeds and then select stories that seem the most interesting or relevant. Within the past few months however I've been noticing a trend. No story that in itself would constitute a post but taken together is interesting. There are a lot of new maritime museums popping up.

Take for instance last night's story carried in the Dublin [Ireland] news:

Plans to convert the old Mariner’s Church in DĂșn Laoghaire into a state of the art maritime museum, library and heritage centre have been announced by the Maritime Institute - the voluntary organisation which recently purchased the building.

Then, of course, there are the bigger additions such as the 30 million dollar, Gulf Maritime Museum set to open in 2009:

The museum will be shaped like a ship headed out to Mobile Bay. Exhibits will be housed inside the stern of a full-sized container ship, displayed as if dockside.
Tony Zodrow, who was hired in 2005 as the museum's executive director after serving as director of Birmingham's McWane Center, expects the museum will become a favorite stop for visitors from the Gulf states. He cited a marketing study that projects first-year attendance at more than 160,000.

There is also a major initiative underway in Florida (which i have mentioned previously), and lots and lots of smaller museums. It's just making me wonder - What's going on? Is there an upswing in interest in things maritime? Or just in building maritime museums? How is attendance?

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Larry said...

Maritime Museums are certainly active at the moment. See for some news and details of the forthcoming interantional congress.
Interesting blog, thanks, and some interesting information