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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Maritime Heritage Network

Joe Follansbee, project manager of the Maritime Heritage Network and writer of The MHN Blog has just brought both wonderful resources to my attention. Both the Network and the Blog promote:

Central Puget Sound maritime heritage to residents and visitors from Washington State, the nation, and overseas. MHN is a collaboration among 4Culture, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and heritage groups in King and Kitsap counties.

Both the website and the blog are comprehensive, and interesting. (so comprehensive that I'm a bit jealous!)


Joe Follansbee said...

Hey Kelly,

Thanks for the compliments and your comment on my blog. I'm pretty new to blogging too, and I believe there's a way to insert posts from other blogs into your blog, but I'm not sure how it works. However, feel free to quote from mine liberally, just as long as you say where you got the info, and including the link to MHN or MHN Blog. Would it be alright if I did the same for you?


Dwayne Clark said...

I was wondering when you would find Joe. You both have a lot in common from what I can tell and both have quality blogs!!

Dwayne Clark

Kelly said...

Thanks Dwayne,

I noticed MHN linked to your blog, are there other similar blogs out there that you know about? The only one I know of is the French
Liens de Mer:portail maritime (Roughly translated as "Bonds of the Sea: maritime portal"

Dwayne Clark said...

No Kelly. I don't know of others like this one. Joe is a really nice fellow and very knowledgable. I was going to write you both a few days ago to introduce you but you guys beat me to the punch. I had a feeling that you would find common interests. You both seem very dedicated to quality and credibility. We too are picky who we blog with. I will keep an eye out for others that may interest you.