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Monday, February 13, 2006

Historic Warships at Birkenhead Liquidated

On Sunday February 5, 2006 Historic Warships at Birkhead, which holds one of the largest collection of preserved 20th century warships in Europe, closed and announced its voluntary liquidation. Now ex-staff from the museum have formed a campaign to try and keep the ships together at their home in Merseyside.

The collection includes a German type IXC/40 submarine (the only U-Boat to have been recovered) which was sunk by Allied forces in 1945 and raised from the seabed between Denmark and Sweden 48 years later. Other ships in the collection include the frigate HMS Plymouth and submarine HMS Onyx, both of which saw service in the Falklands conflict, and a D-Day landing craft.

Full story at 24 Hour Museum.

Many thanks to Beth for bringing this story to the Compass

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