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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New Book: Sailor-Painter

Sailor-Painter: The Uncommon Life of Charles Robert Patterson

This book wonderfully explores the full extent of Patterson's career. But it is more. It's a book about the 'last days of sail', the ships and the people who wanted to memorilize those days.

As the title suggests, Charles Robert Patterson was both a sailor and a painter. Born in 1880, Patterson soon was sailing across oceans and around Capes. Retiring from sea in 1899 he first worked as a newspaper illustrator, but moved on to ship paintings by the 1920s.
Painted for important American institutions, businesses, and individuals; among them the U.S. Naval Academy, W.R. Grace & Company, J. P. Morgan, Jr., and Vincent Astor, Patterson produced over 400 works.

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