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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Fisher Poets Gathering

More than 50 writers and musicians who work in the commercial fishing industry are set to gather in Astoria Feb.24 to 26, 2006 for the ninth annual Fisher Poets Gathering.

The Gathering is an event that brings together fishing industry-related men and women from several states to read their poems and stories, sing their songs, and socialize in a pub atmosphere. The audience comes from local towns and all over the country.

The following workshop schedule is planned.
Leading off the topical workshops is Trevor Corson from Washington DC, author of the novel Secret Life of the Lobster, on writing fiction and the Maine lobster fishing industry. Corson’s book first appeared as an Atlantic Monthly article. Twenty Years of Alaska Fisherman’s Journal follows, a talk by retiring editor-in-chief John Van Amerongen of Vachon WA, on the life of this influential industry journal that ceased publication in January 2006. Irene Martin of Skamokawa WA reports on her study of the socio-economic impact of the Columbia River gillnet fishing industry, and leads discussion on the issues involved.

This would be the perfect opportunity to check out the Cannery Hotel mentioned in a previous post.

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