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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"Seattle is a maritime city"

Feliks Banel, the deputy director of Seattle's Museum of History and Industry recently made what would appear to be a self evident statement: "Seattle is a maritime city. We could use the city's maritime heritage as a lens to see the greater Seattle story." A newly released report however, shows that this may actually be a new thought to some. The Seattle/Kings County Task Force on Maritime Heritage identifies the numerous underdeveloped and at risk maritime resources and outlines a plan for reorganizing and promoting the city's cultural attractions and its integration with the sea.

Full story

Task Force Home Page

Personal comment: I visited Seattle in July of 2004 and came away with three strong impressions.
1. This city had more coffee shops per square inch than anywhere in the world (and that's a good thing)

2. Mt. Rainer is amazing!

3. Everywhere you go - there is water and there are boats.

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