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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Museums will be….

In the keynote session today David Lee King referred to an exercise done in New Zealand where librarians were asked to finish the sentence – “In 2017, Libraries will be….”

His, and my favorite two responses were: “anywhere, anytime, anyhow”, and “about communities.”

Substituting “museums” for “libraries” I like those two responses even more. Museums are organized around themes or interests. Communities, especially online communities are also organized around themes and interest. So viola! If you have surfed the web on maritime subjects for only a few minutes you know there are maritime communities out there. Lots of them! And lots of really serious, intently involved, long sustaining communities. Why should not we, as the Libraries and Museums that hold this information and also create space and have ‘weight’ become the focus, the home, the anywhere, anytime, anyhow community.

See what photos the maritime museum community is posting at flickr now:

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