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Sunday, May 06, 2007

How cute is that?

Hi everyone, I'm on vacation in Sedona, AZ right now but wanted to share a little maritime story...

When I go on trips I take along a few (okay more than a few) books, of various types. For the flight I usually select something light, preferable of the "Chick Lit" genre. While reading this trips selection I had to burst out laughing (dour man sitting next to me was not amused) but you may be. In the book the heroine is reunited with her mother who had spent many years in the desert of Sedona trying to find her self. Once the mother gets back the whole family goes to family reunion at the family farmhouse in Salem, CT. For an outing they go to…”Old Mystic Seaport, a sort of Disneyland-on-the-Sea that recaptured the magic of the whaling industry.” How cute is that? And do I add that to my list of books that cite our sources?

But here comes the sun, vacation calls, and I must be off…..

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