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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Two Steamers Crossing

"NOTE--This is the position of greatest danger; there is nothing for it but good lookout, caution and judgment, with prompt action.

If to your starboard RED appears
It is your duty to keep clear;
To act as judgment says is proper;
To Port--or to Starboard--Back--or Stop her!

But when upon your Port is seen
A steamer's Starboard light of GREEN,
There's not so much for you to do,
For GREEN to port keeps clear of you.

All ships must keep a good lookout and steamships must stop and go astern if necessary.

Both in safety and in doubt,
Always keep a good lookout;
In danger, with no room to turn,
Ease her! Stop her! Go astern!"

Another instructive rhyme from Nautical Nursery Rhymes, by Billy Ringbolt, which resides in the Peterson, Peter H. (Capt.) Papers, (SAFR 18665, HDC 571).

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