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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alaska Packers Association Fleet List

Ted Miles and Ed LeBlanc have compiled a list of the names and rigs of the Alaska Packers Association vessels. Please note that the number of masts are indicated with the abbreviation "m," e.g., "3m" is a 3 masted vessel, and "4m" is a 4 masted vessel. Former names are listed with the prefix "ex-..." and sources for the list are at the end. All the sources are available in the Library, as is information on the vessels--contact us to learn more!

Names and Rigs of Alaska Packers Association Vessels

Star of Alaska (now Balclutha) under sail, undated, J7.90n (SAFR 21374)

Iron and steel sailing vessels:

  • Star of Alaska (built 1886, ship 3m), ex-Balclutha (ship 3m)
  • Star of Bengal (built 1874, ship 3m)
  • Star of Chile (built 1878, bark 3m), ex-Coalinga (bark 3m), ex-La Escocesa (ship 3m)
  • Star of England (built 1893, bark 3m), ex-Abby Palmer (bark 3m), ex-Blairmore (ship 3m)
  • Star of Falkland (built 1892, ship 3m), ex-Arapahoe (ship 3m), ex-Northern Light (ship 3m), ex-Steinbeck (ship 3m), ex-Durbridge (ship 3m)
  • Star of Finland (built 1899, bark, 3m), ex-Kaiulani (bark 3m)
  • Star of France (built 1877, ship 3m)
  • Star of Greenland (built 1892, bark 3m), ex-Hawaiian Isles (bark 4m)
  • Star of Holland (built 1885, bark 3m), ex-Homeward Bound (bark 3m), ex-Zemandar (ship 3m)
  • Star of Iceland (built 1896, bark 3m), ex-Willscott (bark 3m)
  • Star of India (built 1863, bark 3m), ex-Euterpe (ship 3m)
  • Star of Italy (built 1877, bark 3m, formerly ship 3m)
  • Star of Lapland (built 1902, bark 4m), ex-Atlas (bark 4m)
  • Star of Peru (built 1863, bark 3m), ex-Himalaya (bark 3m)
  • Star of Poland (built 1902, bark 4m), ex-Acme (bark 4m)
  • Star of Russia (built 1874, ship 3m)
  • Star of Scotland (built 1887, bark 4m), ex-Kenilworth (bark 4m)
  • Star of Shetland (built 1899, bark 4m), ex-Edward Sewall (bark 4m)
  • Star of Zealand (built 1899, bark 4m), ex-Astral (bark 4m)

Wooden sailing vessels:

  • Bohemia (built 1875, ship 3m)
  • Centennial (built 1875, barkentine 4m, formerly ship 3m)
  • Electra (built 1868, bark 3m)
  • George Schofield (built 1870, ship 3m)
  • Indiana (built 1876, ship 3m)
  • James A. Broland (built 1869, bark 3m)
  • Llewelyn J. Morse (built 1877, ship 3m)
  • Morem (built 1870, ship 3m)
  • Metha Nelson (built 1896, schooner 3m)
  • Nicholas Thayer (built 1868, bark 3m)
  • Premier (built 1876, schooner 3m)
  • Prosper (built 1892, schooner 3m)
  • Servia (built 1883, ship 3m)
  • Tacoma (built 1881, ship 3m)
  • Will W. Case (built 1878, bark 3m)

Other vessels:

  • Alitak (built 1901, motor ship)
  • Arctic (built 1904, steamship), ex-Newport News (steamship), ex-Oldenwald (steamship), ex-St. Jan (steamship)
  • Bering (built 1920, steamship), ex-Salatiga (steamship)
  • Chirikof (built 1908, steamship), ex-Lurline (passenger ship)
  • Delarof (built 1920, steamship), ex-Mohinkis (steamship)
  • Etolin (built 1913, steamship), ex-Matsonia (passenger ship)
  • Kodiak (built 1912, steamship)
  • Kvichak (built 1900, tugboat)
  • Salmon King (built 1918, steamship), ex-H.B. Lovejoy (steam schooner)


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