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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Boatswains and bacteremia

Astute visitors will notice a new blog in our list, Boatswains and bacteremia. Its author, Jared Wasser, is a medical student and budding maritime historian. Having known a few medical students, I wonder when he gets the time to write, let alone write so well--but I'm glad he does. His blog makes a great read, and as it's just started, it's worth beginning with the first post, My introduction to the Wooden World. And don't miss the comments--"Tigone" offers great reading recommendations.

I'm glad Jared has decided to dive in to the world of maritime blogging, because his thoughtful meditations on maritime history and medicine (together, and separately) remind me that these vessels contained humanity that had to be kept healthy--and alive--often during the most extreme of circumstances.

As they still do.


Fred said...

Thanks for the short piece on Boatswains and Bacteremia. I stumbled on Jared's site recently and found it interesting enough to include in my own blogroll at Marine Cafe Blog.Nothing like a marine blog that is off the beaten path.

My Marine Cafe Blog is a bit more orthodox but I try to give my own crazy spin on maritime trends - marine business, technology and yes, the environment. You may want to check it out and see if it's good enough to add to your roster of blogs. The link is:

I shall gladly reciprocate by including Maritime Compass in my own blogroll.

Heather said...

Thanks for writing, Fred--you have a great blog! Your coverage of current happenings in the maritime industry is excellent. The blogs that I list here tend to have historical coverage--maritime history content--even gCaptain contains the occasional post on research, records, etc. If I had enough screen space to start a section on recommended reading for current trends in the industry, I would definitely list your blog--and I heartily recommend it for those wishing to keep abreast.

Barista Uno said...


Thanks for your kind words about Marine Café Blog. No problem about the link. I shall add Maritime Compass in any case to my blogroll.