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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Black Canada & the journey to freedom

Several things about Geoff Davies' article Exhibit illustrates slave trade's place in Maritime history are noteworthy, especially the quote from John Hennigar-Shuh, manager of development and partnerships at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic:

"There was for years a sense that the Maritime heritage of this province was owned by old white guys with beards," Hennigar-Shuh said.

“This exhibit helps us to underline for everyone who comes here that our history is diverse and marvellously complex, and is something that belongs to all of us.”

The exhibit features a beautiful freedom quilt, which is pictured in the article, made by the North Preston Senior Citizens Club.

Exhibit panels are available in the online version of the exhibit in .pdf; the exhibit is also available in French, En Route vers le Nord: Le voyage vers la liberté des Noirs du Canada.

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