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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Seas the Moment

The May 11, 2009 episode of "Are We Alone?," the science radio show from SETI, is all about how our oceans are changing. The show is rather folksy and chatty, as usual, but this episode, "Seas the Moment," is as educational as every episode that they air.

I enjoyed listening to Sylvia Earle, who is, according to the this episode's site, "Oceanographer, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, founder of DeepSearch Foundation, and author of Ocean: An Illustrated Atlas (National Geographic Atlas)," and who, I believe, could make even the most complicated oceanographic concept understandable to even the smallest child. The show is well worth a listen.


Buck said...

Downloading the MP3 now... I'll listen over lunch. That looks like a splendid site - how did I not know about this? Thanks so much Heather!!

btw, Dr Hirshfeld is diving in Albania again and she's as expressive as ever.

Heather said...

My local NPR station picked up the show:
They also aired an episode of a Canadian show that I really like, Quirks and Quarks,
If you like the SETI show, you may also like Q&Q!

And so glad Dr. Hirshfeld is posting again!