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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lady travelers

Thanks to the Librarian's Internet Index, I've discovered the online exhibit, Wilder Shores : Lady Travelers of the 18th and 19th Centuries. From their site:

Wilder Shores is organized geographically, loosely following the structure of Barbara Hodgson’s book No Place for a Lady: Tales of Adventurous Women Travelers. (Berkeley: Ten Speed Press, 2002). The exhibit features books and manuscripts, both by and about, women who traveled to these regions: Europe, Russia, Turkey, The Middle East, India and the Far East, Africa, The Americas.

The web exhibit doesn't include the texts, but does include portraits of these intrepid women and selected illustrations from their accounts, all excellently attributed with easily followed citations for further reading.


Buck said...

Not only the exhibit, but the book too - a bonus! This is a very interesting subject and deserves some study. Today we pat ourselves on the back congratulating ourselves that we've come so far, yet there are still fields of endeavour closed to people solely because of their gender.

Hurrah for the Lady Travelers!

Heather said...

Too true, Buck.

Thanks for the thoughtful comment.