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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Expanded book coverage

I have been reading a lot about the decline of book criticism in traditional media outlets, chiefly on ArtsJournal (admittedly, a non-traditional media outlet). Newspapers that used to take in pride in their coverage of the publishing industry and quality of their book reviews have been reducing and even eliminating their book sections.

Where to turn? The radio. NPR is expanding their book coverage. According to an article in Publishers Weekly, NPR has hired six new book reviewers (including a graphic novel reviewer) and is adding weekly book reviews and more book-focused content. The PW article links to several reading lists already posted, and on NPR's sidebar, right there, with those topics we see on all media pages like "Business" and "Health & Science" is Books.

Dig around. The site is delicious. Reviews, podcasts, newsletters to sign up for, links to programs, and purchasing links that support NPR and public radio. There is plenty for maritime readers; start with Sunken Treasures in their 3 Books series.

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