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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mythic Creatures online exhibit

The Kraken, mermaids, and the Nasca Killer Whale are among the mythic creatures represented in the Field Museum's exhibit Mythic Creatures. If you can't make it to Chicago to see the exhibit in person, the online exhibit is worth a look. If you're interested only in maritime creatures, you can go directly to the Water section of the exhibit, but don't miss the Dragons section, as dragons from many traditions are affiliated with the water.

The online exhibit also contains a section on educational materials, featuring a free, 38 page educator guide (in .pdf format).

But what I find lacking in the online exhibit are pointers to more resources. The images are lovely, the text educational and entertaining, but ultimately this is an information cul-de-sac. Treating our museum's websites as online brochures, as advertising materials to increase foot traffic, doesn't prohibit us from also creating a virtual museum that stimulates further exploration of the topic--it would take just a few links to evaluated resources that provide more information.

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