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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Caught, Canned, and Eaten: The Story of San Pedro's Fishing and Canning Industries

According to the the Los Angeles Maritime Museum will unveil a permanent exhibit on San Pedro's vibrant fishing industry and port-town culture.

The interactive exhibit will include murals, gear used by local fishermen, home movies from the Fishermen's Fiesta, classic television commercials ("Charlie the Tuna"), films of sardine and mackerel fishing and cannery equipment salvaged from Terminal Island.

According to the Museum website the exhibit opens today.

Congrats to Museum Director (and Compass editor) Marifrances Trivelli and her crew for putting together a news worthy exhibit on an overlooked aspect of local maritime history.

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Marifrances said...

Thanks for the publicity, Kelly!
We've updated the website with the new exhibit information: