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Friday, June 16, 2006

Weekend Quiz...

OK, you mariners, what is this? A mural of waves crashing on the shore?

No, it's the hull of a cargo ship! This beautiful photograph is the work of Los Angeles harbor-area artist Gil Mares. As Gil explains, "While searching for images in the harbor, I was drawn to the worn hulls of the ships that dock there. These ships seem as great whales with battle scars which record their life-long struggle to survive. The ships at dock can be seen every day. However, the visual secrets of the ships are generally not known because of the distance between the ships and the observer. I have concentrated on eliminating this distance to reveal their beauty. The brightly painted hulls exhibit interesting patterns and textures which are reflected in the water.
The hulls may appear delicate, tenuous, even transparent. However, the scrapes, gouges, rubber marks and rusting wounds, sometimes from the ships’ own anchors, sometimes from the ubiquitous tires found on the sides of docks and tugboats, belie this frailty. At times a series of numbers or cryptic diagrams may appear on the massive hulls. These messages communicate only to those who assist in ferrying the ships in and out of the world’s ports."

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