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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Conference Announcement

The Dublin Center for New England Folklife presents "In Our Own Words: New England Diaries, 1600 to the Present", a three day conference on historical perspectives of diary writing and diary production in New England and contiguous areas of New York State.

Sunday morning, June 18 is of particular interest to the Maritime Community

Harvesting the Sea

Rebecca Leah Zeidel, Harvard University: Fore and Aft: Women, Men, and the Work of Whaling on the Nauticon, 1848–1853

Karen Alexander, University of New Hampshire: “So Ends This Day”: Personal Records of Life at Sea from Nineteenth-Century New England Codfishermen’s Logs

Ship Logs, Piloting Journals, and Travel Diaries

Anne C. Farrow, The Hartford Courant: Linking New London and Africa: Ship Logs of the Africa, the Good Hope, and the Fox, 1757–1758

Colin Arms Porter, New York, New York: Presenting the Popham Colony: Robert Davies and His Diary

Katherine A. Grandjean, Harvard University: A Travel Diary?: In the Footsteps of Thomas Minor, 1653–1684

Personal note: gosh I wish I could go! (but I'll be returning from my bike ride thru Europe that day)

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