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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What Better Way to Celebrate!

Flagship is the new beer from Adnams; brewers of real beer from the Suffolk coast. It has been specifically created to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of The Battle of Trafalgar and to mark the great maritime tradition of the East Anglian Coast.

Adnams’ Flagship is named after Admiral Lord Nelson’s flagship: HMS Victory. A further tribute to Britain’s naval victory can be seen in the new design for the Flagship logo, which uses the maritime colours of blue and gold. Look closer at the ‘Flags’ icon and you can see it cleverly replicates the first two words of Nelson’s famous signal, “England expects that everyman will do his duty”, which is flown in celebration every year from Victory’s masts.

Flagship beer is served as a draft beer and is a seaworthy 4.3% ABV! It is available nationally now until 11th November from all Adnams pubs and licensers.

press release

Even better than their beer however is Adnams website. It's very maritime with sound effects and images, but not the least bit hoakie

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