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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Great Lakes Ship Sources

If you’re looking for information on Great Lakes Vessels be sure to look into the Milwaukee Public Library’s Great Lakes Ship Files. Containing data on more than 7,000 vessels the files “include ships that sailed in 1679 and some that are on the lakes today; some that are diesel-powered, some rigged with sails, and some barges; cargo vessels, passenger boats, military and even pleasure craft.”

I ran 5 quick searches on known vessels and found good qualify information on 4. Library holds addition files in their collection on these vessels. Interested researchers can then obtain copies by contacting the Library.

Another good resource is the United States Vessel Enrolments for the Great Lakes

Many thanks to Mario M. Einaudi, Catalog Librarian for the Kemble Collection of The Huntington Library for bring the Milwaukee Public Library’s site to our attention.

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